An Open Letter to Tom Brady

Dear Mr. Brady,

Wow. Truly, wow. When the going got tough, you never gave up. You put trust in your coaches and teammates, and pulled off the greatest comeback in history. You got that fifth ring.

I’m not writing to ramble off your accomplishments or statistics. You know them. You don’t even really care about the numbers. I’m writing to attempt to convey to you what you mean to your fans. To me.

Growing up as a Boston sports fan, I have been incredibly spoiled and lucky. I am fully aware of that. My teams have won 10 championships in the last 15 years. But that doesn’t mean I take them for granted. Each championship is special in its own way.

The 2004 World Series was remarkable for many reasons, but for me it marked the beginning of my love for sports, especially baseball. The 2008 NBA Championship was a story of brotherhood and toughness, as The Big 3 joined Boston sports lore. The 2013 World Series was the culmination of a magical season that made the city of Boston a family. The 2015 Super Bowl was a heart-wrenching experience that ended with pure ecstasy.

And then there was last night.

Down 28-3 on the world’s biggest stage, you masterfully led our boys back from certain defeat and orchestrated perhaps the greatest quarter of football ever played. Your fifth ring. One for the thumb. One for the ages.

Being a Boston sports fan has taught me many things. It has taught me to appreciate the little things, like the 2013 championship beards or the homemade hype videos. It has taught me the power of unity and being Boston Strong. But most importantly, it has taught me to never give up. You have taught me that. You have been doubted and questioned your entire life. We have all seen the NFL draft combine videos. We all know “199th overall pick.” We remember how the whole world thought the Patriots had collapsed forever after that rocky start in 2014. But each time, you prove everyone wrong. You pull through. You win. And win. And win. And win. And no, it never gets old.

Tom, you are the player of a lifetime. Having the privilege of growing up watching players like you, David Ortiz, and Paul Pierce has been so special. You are all consummate champions. You embody the spirit of Boston, and of all of New England. You show us the power of teamwork, integrity, and hard work. You are there for us when we win, and even when we do not. You represent so much more than sports. For so many, you symbolize love, family, perseverance, and joy. And you do it all with honor and respect, no matter how much hate is thrown your way. You do it even while you are suffering hardships in your personal life. You make the phrase “We are all Patriots” mean something. You make it an honor to call myself a Patriots fan. A Bostonian.

Tom, you are our hero. And no matter what happens in the next few years, whether you play 10 more seasons or retire this winter, we will always cherish you. We will remember the comebacks. The victory parades. All the wins, and all the losses too. But even when all those memories and statistics fade away, we will remember you. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. The Greatest Of All Time.

From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You.

With much love and admiration,

Patriots Nation


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